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(no subject)

Mar. 31st, 2010 | 12:21 pm
posted by: gertyorkes in argo_racktime

Soooo. POTF, you know how it works! Go to.

A couple notes: In addition to the character name and canon, I'd add a couple of notes about how your potential pup would fit into the verse - are they a passenger, crew member, is there anything notable about them, etc.

Also, since we're such a small group, I'd say that we can put current pups in toooo, just for low-commitment tagging funtimes.

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(no subject)

Nov. 26th, 2008 | 09:29 am
posted by: daredevildaring in argo_racktime

i are awesomeCollapse )

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(no subject)

Nov. 25th, 2008 | 11:02 pm
posted by: thatlaughingboy in argo_racktime

Okay, so I need some opinions from you guys.

Magic: Do They Haz It?

The more I think on this subject, the more I think the answer should be no. I think it sort of takes all the wind out of the quest/guardian/glass plot if there's a place where people can just apparate and accio stuff.

I think the basic rule should be-- the farther your planet is from Gan, the more high-end your technology is, and the less your planet is "moving on".

The closer your planet is to Gan, the more technology is getting wonky and magic is more present--- but not controllable by humans in any way, and certainly not recognized as such. It's just coming up through the cracks, and it shows itself in extremely subtle ways.

If the guardian is "light", the magic is more nourishing and fluffier (seemingly controlled by the Turtle), and the technology breakdown is replaced by something steampunky, a more "earthy" technology. If the guardian is "dark", then the magic seems more sinister in nature (seemingly chaotic and without anyone watching over them) and the technology breakdown brings out the worst of both worlds.

If we need to restructure my planet "map", which was always tentative anyway, we can do that. ...do keep in mind that space is 3-D, lol, which I forgot. So a planet can be far from/close to Gan up, down, sideways, etc, etc.

High-Tech Planets

Low-Tech, Dark Guardian Planets

Mid-Tech, Dark Guardian Planets

Low Tech, Light Guardian Planets

Mid Tech, Light Guardian Planets

How does that synch with what's in your heads?

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The planets.

Nov. 23rd, 2008 | 08:18 pm
posted by: thatlaughingboy in argo_racktime

Please leave your questions, comments, and brainstorming in the leetle box.

There's one for each planet. Keep in mind we're not nailing anything down- just tossing around ideas!

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Spaceship: THE AR PEE GEE.

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 09:11 pm
posted by: thatlaughingboy in argo_racktime

So, here's the deal.

I'd like to make Spaceship into a game. I think it would be beneficial to have a couple of months to plan, so we'd start the game in the spring--say, March? There's a couple of things I'd like to nail down and get feedback on.

For starters: participation. This has always been an issue in just-us games, but there are a couple of factors that I think that could make Spaceship different.

+ For one, we've never had an organized game when we all lived far apart. At MHC, we wanted to be hanging out and LARPing rather than at our computers, but now, computer-time is us-time. I think this is one very positive thing about long-distance friendships. It sucks, but it means we have lots of time to create stuff together, stuff that gets recorded in a way LARP never has been. And we all want to polish up our writing.

+ Second, I would want to construct the game in such a way that participation is basically optional. More on that below. Point is, I want to try to avoid scenarios where we NEED to have Character X at such and such a time.

+ Three, we'll be doing some very different stuff with Spaceship-- for instance, the temple journal that I just made-- that should shake it up and keep it interesting. Furthermore, many of us are accustomed to TR now, and I don't see why we can't make a habit of being on Spaceship if we can make time for TR.

The way I'd want to structure the game is as follows:

+ Temples on a quarterly basis, or every three months. The culimination of these quarters will always be a temple/glass quest, which will be played out in the manner of the Jayne exploration on Naga.

Inbetween these quarters there will be NO participation requirements. There will be no one to harass you to be on the game. People who want to organize side-quests, parties, EPs, etc-- that's entirely up to you and should be handled in the exact same way as on TR- if it's there, tag into it- if you want it there, shoot someone an e-mail or IM.

The real incentive to posting will simply be the reward of getting your pup in as much Spaceship plot as possible-- that's it. No one will make you, and this game is by no means the definitive Spaceship story, of course. But if you want to get on the crazy train, you need to punch your ticket.

...I don't know.

The reason for this is that no one wants to herd cats. We're all big kids, no one is going to want to mod or be modded by another one of us, and play should be entirely optional. In this vein, there would also be no applications required for character acceptance, though obviously your apps should be filled out for your own character development sake and maybe posted in the wiki.

In the event that one of us takes on a character and never plays them, after an agreed upon period of time, we will either axe the character from the plot (stayed planetside, died of Muridae flu) or NPC them.

The time inbetween temples could contain lots of things. Some ideas: side-quests, meal posts, journal logs, drabbles, art, EPs, ship logs, grocery lists....ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. You could Photoshop their tickets to a ball on Leonis, or the fine they had to pay on Lapin for blowing something up.

Like Drabble Rousers, it would be totally optional. As for the temples, they'll be based around two people mostly- whoever will be NPCing the temple and whichever character has been chosen to best the beast. It's sort of assumed that people will be able to be around for two weeks-ish in a span of three months time to finish that tagging-- but again, if not, we'll construct the plot around other characters. But I don't foresee that being a problem, especially given the action-oriented, brisk nature of the temple tags.

As far as other people apping, I think we should of course let Rin, Mizz and Sarah know about it but not count on anyone-- including any of us. If people show up, they show up.

We'd have a main gameplay community, an OOC community, the temple journal, and individual character journals.

How does that grab you? Think it sounds like a good plan? Shoot me some feedback and we'll all palaver.

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The timeline/order of the quest.

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 02:31 pm
posted by: thatlaughingboy in argo_racktime

This genre is daunting, and I have a tendency to ramble, so I'm going to keep this as brief as possible, knowing full well that it's probably going to be a novel anyway. I want to have this discussion here (not to the exclusion of discussing it in person, my favorite, or in chat, which I know is often confusing and fast) so people can read at their leisure, think about it and come back, and say as much as they need to in the comments.

The nature of the Spaceship beast is that we make shit up as we go along. It's how we've made almost all of the passengers, and many of the plot concepts. We incorporate new canons in as we see fit, and as you guys know, with our other genres, we tend to be big fans of the "SND factor", or as the real world calls it- AU, alternate universe. This genre should be no exception, so in creating a timeline/storyline, we will always have to allow for alternate possibilities, alternate orders, alternate endings. This flexibility is crucial, but in the event that we want to actually make this into something concrete, which I think many of us do-- a skeleton is in order.

I was e-mailing Emily today about this topic and this is what I said:

Before we can really set up an official temple, I think we should have a few more brainstorming sessions ABOUT the temples and the guardians and our basic plot concepts for each. The reason for this is that I know we have a basic order planned out but that order was relatively arbitrary, and now that we have ALL of the planet locations pinned and ALL of the guardians/glass powers picked and a much better idea of the size of our cast, where they come from and our general storyline--- a revolving door of 20-30 passengers/mechanics/temps, (probably not more than 15ish at a given time, often less) and about 20 main stationary characters-- I think it makes sense to REALLY consider the order of the planets and the timeline of the genre...

FOR INSTANCE, like, the powers of the glasses are a big deal. They will DEFINITELY want to use the glasses to help them fight other guardians, whether's it's actually using the golden glass to shield their submarine from the Fish guardian, or whether it's using the pink glass to charm a military figure into giving them access to restricted areas. This means we have to choose really carefully, because on the one hand, we could set up guardians/temples/situations that would be IMPOSSIBLE to best without *having gotten a particular glass beforehand* OR we could make a mistake by giving them a certain glass too soon, taking *away* an awesome challenge we've set up--(i.e., Bert could probably REALLY use that shield glass while he's in the snake-labyrinth---but do we want to give it to him?).

One thing we could consider is the theme of a "bool hunt"- as in, the turtle/Jake/Roslin's dream tells them which one to get first-- and when they get that glass, there is a clue in the temple or just... in a series of 19-like circumstances that point the direction of the next glass, giving it meaning.

I think to keep the post from getting too confusing, we should brainstorm ideas and concepts here, not suggestions-- I'll make a different post for people to say "I think Picon needs to be last!" or "Let's do Lupon first!" Right here, why don't we just shoot around some ideas about order, and how to make an order.

Factors to consider:

+ Storyline elements- please brainstorm these. OTHER THAN the temples, what are the major plot elements of the genre?

- The arrival and destination of each character. What planet are they on when they board the Argo? Do they need to visit any planets in order to do their part for the quest?
- Beginning- where the boys walk through the door.
- Ending- where our heroes depart through a door for Gan.
- Flagg chasing down our heroes.
- Battlestar and Alliance involvement in the quest.
- Important character moments (I don't know how else to define that, if you're not sure, ask me)
- The environmental effects of the quest (what happens when a glass is removed, how much shit they blow up, etc)

+ The temples themselves.
- For instance, once they go to Picon they'll have discovered the Argo converts to a submarine. When might they need to use that again, and should we make sure to put that guardian after Picon so the Argonauts have that knowledge?

+ Quest-y tropes.
- Everything happens for a reason. This is a really common thing to find in adventure stories and it would be extremely appropriate given the synchronicity of Stephen King's works. This is the law that says the way the Argonauts went about their quest was ka. If one thing had fallen out of line, for instance, it almost seems like the quest could have failed. It hinges on circumstance, especially circumstance which seems trivial or is difficult to see how it could be a *good* thing-- aka, if Jayne hadn't decided to do that thing that they all warned him about, they wouldn't have gotten to Point A.
- Order of desssssstiny! Meaning that there is and always has been a specific order to obtain the glasses in, like pieces of a puzzle. This could be encoded in the temples. It might be a guideline or it might be something strict, as in-- if you don't get these in this order, you'll never, ever be able to collect all of them. For instance, Maerlyn set up the guardians so that you wouldn't be able to GET the red glass unless you've gotten the blue glass first. This has some sticky situations in it, so we'd have to be careful, but I think it's an attractive option.
- Determined by practicality. Meaning that the crew does not consider supernatural elements, but merely goes... clockwise until they can't? Or that the crew chooses the destination based on the passengers they take, hoping to avoid any discernible pattern? There are lots of reasons other than prophecy that the Argo would need to go in a certain direction-- for instance, we said that Jake gets on board the Argo when they need to go to Picon, Jake's home planet, for a part. THIS is an example of combining option #1 above, and this option, #3.

Let me know what you think. DO keep in mind if we have certain elements set, they can be incorporated into new plans and also that nothing we've already decided need be set in stone.

Think of this as a series of beautiful, framed photographs you're hanging on your wall. They can be in any order, and no matter what you choose, it will probably work. But there is a perfect one, and you can find it with just a little switching around, adjusting and backing off to look at the big picture. :D

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A collection of links taken from our previous planning in drabblepalaver

Nov. 19th, 2008 | 11:34 pm
posted by: thatlaughingboy in argo_racktime

A short history of What Came Before our intrepid heroes.

Right before the adventure: what happens for Bert & Alain, leaving Gan and ending up on Barrus.

Some brainstorming about ship design/technology/aesthetics.

Planet/guardian brainstorming I.

Glass power brainstorming.

More planet brainstorming, sun revelation, II.

World organization & wiki moderation.

Planet planning: Lupon.

Wiki talk, I.

Wiki talk, II.

Justification FTW.

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